Jacquie is the talented and humble artist behind the Newcastle based ceramic boutique, Leiluca. Her beautifully crafted artworks and pottery pieces are produced from her studio at The Creator Incubator in Hamilton North, NSW – a warm and innovative space surrounded by other creatives and inspiration. 

"The name was shaped around my daughters names Leila and Luca. When discussing possible name
options Leila came up with Leiluca. It is perfect because it symbolises the importance of family and how
they have helped to shape my work."

Making art has forever been Jacquie’s passion. Her natural abilities took her to National Art School in Sydney where here skills and style were fine tuned in a range of modalities. Leiluca Ceramics, established in 2018, represents a unique artistic niche a lifetime in the making.

Working with earthy stoneware clay and a range of glazes, Jacquie takes inspiration from, and captures the essence of the local region with a unique colour palette and texture that is characteristic of Leiluca. Time, and research goes into perfecting glazes and colour combinations for this intentional effect and Jacquie works the pottery wheel with the precision and commitment of someone who can only love what she does. All of Jacquie’s pieces display inherent reflections of the beach, lake and foliage – the environment in which Jacquie grew up.

"Throwing pots on the wheel is my form of meditation. I love sitting and feeling the clay in my hands knowing I am creating something that could potentially last hundreds of years.”



Leiluca Ceramic pieces are practical, organic and functional. They look stunning and provide so much enjoyment and satisfaction to the user whether it’s with the aesthetic of a statement piece, or in supporting the daily grind with a trademark coffee mug.

“Drinking a morning coffee from a Leiluca handmade creation is an absolute treasure.”

 Since 2018 Leiluca has grown into a widely supported and much loved locally grown business. Jacquie is a regular at Olive Tree markets and finds huge satisfaction from connecting with and deeply understanding her clientele, allowing her to be constantly developing and imagining a business that meets their aesthetic and functional needs with her art works.