Jacquie Garcia is busy mother of two and the artist behind Leiluca, creating from her home studio in Waratah, NSW.

Jacquie began Leiluca ceramics in 2018 which has experienced significant growth, now a well-known name and favourite around town due to her willingness to get among the people at local markets and events.

"The name was shaped around my daughters names Leila and Luca. When discussing possible name options Leila came up with Leiluca. It is perfect because it symbolises the importance of family and how they have helped to shape my work."


Working with earthy stoneware clay and a range of glaze, Jacquie takes inspiration from the environments around her incorporating the colours and textures into her work. Living and growing up in Newcastle on the beach and around the lake is clearly reflected in the colour combinations that she is drawn to. Jacquie gets so much enjoyment out of developing new styles, shapes, colours and textures.

"Throwing pots on the wheel is my form of meditation. I love sitting and feeling the clay in my hands knowing I am creating something that could potentially last hundreds of years."

Leiluca mainly produces functional items people can use and appreciate everyday. Drinking a coffee out of a handmade creation is a treasure in itself. The majority of her work is made on the pottery wheel using Australian stoneware clay and finished in glazes she creates to fit the specific colour combinations. The process of creating these works has become important as it’s a time when she can research and discover ways of turning ideas into functional pieces of art.